Dave Medinnus David Medinnus, AKA Fafhrd, The Balding Monkey, and Griffonclaw, was born sometime in May in the year 1964 (he's OLD). His only claim to fame is that he somehow managed to sire Anthony Dane Medinnus (back in 2003). This little clan also found itself parents to the cutest, most lovable mutt in the world, Genni (who appears to be part Jack Russell, part Schnauser, and part pain-in-the-ass).

Dave has a long list of things which endlessly fascinate him (fortunately including things technical since he does those for a living), ranging from Fantasy Role-Playing games (spanning the gamut from paper-and-miniature to computer-based MMO to live-action), comics and other forms of sequential storytelling, history (especially periods before the coming of gunpowder), martial arts and weapons, television and movie entertainment, and myriad other things too numerous or obscure to mention.

Personal Information

  • Height: 5' 9" to 5'10" - depending on how straight I stand. Usually, I am not standing up straight; it makes me feel somewhat off-balance.
  • Weight: 290 lbs (I'm a big fellow)
  • Eyes: Green (and frequently bloodshot)
  • Hair: Very little - I decided to pre-empt nature, and regularly buzz-cut what remains in the "Michael Garabaldi" style.
  • Birth Signs: Taurus and Wood Dragon - Stubborn, stubborn, and more stubborn.

Daddy and Anthony

Dave's Rules

Everything else is negotiable...

Rule One - Never get involved with someone significantly more screwed-up than you.

Rule Two - Never get involved with someone with whom you work (and visa versa).

Rule Three - It's not over until the check clears the bank.

Rule Four - In Chaos, there is profit.

Rule Five - Satisfy what's in your left hand before reaching with your right.